5 Test Day Secrets to Boost Your Score (MCAT, USMLE)

Test Day: In this video I go over strategies for test day to increase your MCAT, Step 1, and Step 2CK test scores. You have worked hard studying and now it’s the big day. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Utilize this helpful test day tips and strategies to squeeze out every point that you can.

I go over:
1. What to do Day before the Test
2. Sleep Leading up to the Test
3. Food Before and During the Test
4. Getting to the Test Center
5. At the Test Center

Students often focus on the studying and study strategies leading up to test day. However, ultimately what your test score reflects is your performance on that day, in the hours during which you take your exam. For this reason, optimizing your test day performance is paramount. Leading up to test day, there are a variety of strategies to employ to reduce the risk of burnout or nerves. The night before, adequate sleep should be the top priority. Adequate sleep will not only improve your memory retention from any information studied, but also improve your cognitive function, including memory recall and critical thinking abilities, which will translate to improved scores.

On the day of the test, be sure to have a healthy, nutritious, and well rounded breakfast. Now isn’t the time to try a radical new diet or do intermittent fasting or time restricted feeding. You want slow digesting carbs, protein, and healthy fats to optimize performance. Be sure to leave with plenty of time to spare so you aren’t rushed or stressed as you approach the test center. And once you’re at the test center, remember to treat this just like another practice test. You know your routine. Trust the process, and you’ll come up on top. Good luck!

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