Are BS/MD Programs Worth It? Pros & Cons

You’re in high school and have determined you want to become a doctor. There are two paths in front of you. Go to college, take the MCAT, and hopefully get into medical school, or go the BS/MD route, shortening your training and streamlining the process. Should you go BS/MD or the traditional path? I’ll help you decide.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Benefits of BS/MD Programs
00:50 – Accelerated Timeline
01:31 – No Medical School Application Process
02:09 – No MCAT (or Lower Requirement)
02:40 – Lower Stress During Undergrad
03:19- Drawbacks of BS/MD Programs
03:35 – Committing Without Enough Exposure to Medicine
04:23 – Lower Tier Programs
05:31 – Atypical Undergrad Experience & Compromised Skillset
07:17 – Are BS/MD Programs Right for You?

How to Choose a Medical School:
Does College Prestige Matter?:

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