So You Want To Be an ENDOCRINOLOGIST [Ep. 31]

So you want to be an endocrinologist. You like the idea of being the master of diabetes and believe that every medical issue can be fixed by prescribing the right hormone. Let’s debunk the public perception myths and give it to you straight. This is the reality of endocrinology.

Huge shout out to Endocrinologist Dr. Karl Nadolsky for helping me with the creation of this video. Check out his Instagram, TikTok, and other social media handles below.

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00:00 Introduction
00:41 What is Endocrinology?
01:55 Academic vs Community vs Private Practice
02:36 Misconceptions About Endocrinology
03:23 How To Become an Endocrinologist
04:17 Subspecialties within Endocrinology
04:57 What You’ll Love About Endocrinology
05:59 What You Won’t Love About Endocrinology
07:24 Should You Become an Endocrinologist

Dr. Karl Nadolsky:

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So You Want to Be a Doctor:
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